Phoenix Bound: Day 5

Santa Fe, NM to Phoenix, AZ

Our last day was pretty uneventful, which was probably for the best:

-In the morning, David gave us a nice brief tour of downtown Santa Fe. Only 2 building styles are allowed by city codes, one of which is the adobe style as above. The town is celebrating 400 years next year. Whoa.

-I-40 through western New Mexico continues to be an incredible landscape. Welcome to the great Southwest.

-We stopped to feed Maggie in the middle of nowhere: A souvenir shop, with adjacent gas and restaurant, both of which were not boarded up.

-I wonder how many m.p.g. we scored from Flagstaff to Phoenix, since we pretty much coasted as we dropped 5000 ft in altitude in less than 2 hours.

-Safe arrival in Scottsdale, and Maggie gets to see Grandma!