Phoenix Bound: Day 1

Ann Arbor, MI to Des Moines, IA

A few months ago, we would have made this journey in two long days, but we're taking five days now. The advantage is that we get to see many more people, and enjoy more rest stops. Thanks Maggie!

Day 1:

-On-time departure from the Fader household.
-Only $0.40 in Chicago tolls!
-We remembered what the Quad Cities are.
-Eastern Iowa is much prettier than we remembered.
-Early dinner in Iowa City with Eric's old friend Jeremy Knapp and his wife Jin-ah. Totally awesome Korean food, including sesame leaves! We also learned that kimchi is apparently not just cabbage. Hopefully we can visit the Knapps in Syria in a couple years.

-We found a geocache with a travel bug that wants to go to the Indian Ocean, so we can take it to Kenya! (Disregard if this doesn't make sense) -We spent the night with Eric's cousin Heather in Des Moines. It was awesome, and we were enthralled by Heather's independent establishing of her home as a ministry house for single moms, despite staying busy as a high school teacher, who is about to be deployed again for a year to Iraq. Her hospitality is simply inspiring. Incredible...and she makes a mean blueberry pancake.