Before We Have Given

Maggie has taught us many things. This has resulted in one song in addition to the little lullaby posted earlier. The seeds of this song came from the first night at home with Maggie, where she cried for five hours straight. Truth be told, she's been really great since then, but the lesson was learned nonetheless. It's a rough recording, but hopefully you can enjoy.

Before We Have Given

Little girl, your words come in torrents of battle cries
Swords through our hearts
You’ve marked us from the start
And Rich would sing about Wounds of Love
And I guess that’s what you’ve given out

Before even one syllable has crossed your lips
You’ve broken us apart
Marked us from the start
Exposing all our fears and doubts
All our fears and insufficiencies

And so it would seem, that it is given us…

To wound before we are wounded
To love only after we are loved
To gain before we have given anything

And so, I suppose, it was with me twenty-eight years ago
Now that they came and went
I see how these years were spent
So Frederich asks
“What is friendship but all of this anyways?”

So now we arrive in our infant size and throes of cries
Before even I can stand
I’ll call myself a self-made man
And all of the fathers and the mothers and the heavens laugh

Grace is no illusion
It’s no optimist dream
We breathe it in with our first breath
And it has since been in our bloodstream