Where did they go?

This is kind of a "placeholder" post, for those who are wondering if we have abandoned the blog.  The answer is a resounding "no", but we've been quite crazy busy.  There is much to tell, and we will try to get around to it soon.

A little Q&A:

Where are we?  Currently, we are in Seattle, WA, and in a few hours, we will get on a cruise ship with Eric's family to head to Alaska for 7 days.  This has significant implications for Rachel's State Race.  Then, we will be in the Twin Cities for a bit, before heading to Baltimore for a month of tropical medicine for Eric.

Where have we been since Moab?  We were back in Colorado for two weeks of Language Acquisition Training, which was great.  Then, we had a wonderful time visiting friends and family, all the way from Denver to Minneapolis, where we flew to Seattle.

Are you surviving?  Yes.

Do the kids' sleeping patterns suggest that they have any idea what time zone they are in?  No, and the 4am daylight of late May in the Northwest does not seem to help.

Is Eric on crutches?  Yes, due to a story that I'm sure we'll blog on later, but hopefully he'll be off soon.

Should we pray for all of you?  Yes, please.

Are you still enjoying where you are, despite the fact that it sounds (and is) quite nuts sometimes?  Yes, we are.  "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." (Ps 126) =)



We are currently in the middle of a week off between our two Mission Training Institute classes, and have taken the opportunity to vacation!  First, Eric's parents came to town for the big birthday.  Then, we headed west...to Utah!  My best friend from med school and her family live in Salt Lake City, and they met us for a long weekend in Moab, near Arches National Park.  It has been great so far.  Maggie was especially excited to see "My buddy.  Wilson." 

On the way, we decided to take the scenic route from Colorado Springs west and then borth to Breckenridge.  Our state highway took us past TONS of beautiful mountains and an area that looked just like Rohan (think Edoras and the Golden Hall, LOTR fans).  Below is a view from the car.
 Then, after we got onto I-70, the highway went right through a beautiful canyon west of Vail.  There were points where we were literally driving at the base of a narrow canyon, just the highway and the Colorado river at the bottom and sheer walls on either side.  I hung the camera out the window and tried to get some shots.
 We arrived in Moab on Thursday night and spent the morning on Friday in Arches National Park.  It is beautiful! (in a fascinating but no desire to live here sort of way)
 Balancing rock, featured below:
 We were able to take a few short "hikes"...the Balancing Rock loop was about 0.25 miles, perfect for our family. :)
 Maggie showing off some mini-balancing rocks.
 The other hike we were able to do was to a formation called North Window.  It was huge!  So pretty.
 Eric walked to Landscape rock, a very thin arch, while I stayed in the car with a sleeping Ben.

Such a beautiful park!  Some day we will have to return when the kids are older and we can do some more hiking.



Hard to believe it, but our baby girl turned three years old yesterday.  It was a fun birthday!  We are currently still in Colorado Springs, CO, and Eric's parents came out to visit for the big day.  We went to Garden of the Gods in the morning, and then headed home for a festive PINK lunch.  The lunch featured strawberry applesauce, raspberry lemonade, tomato soup (more orange than pink), and corn dog muffins (the hot dogs were sort of pink, as was the ketchup...).  The cake was, of course, pink.  With pink frosting and princesses.
Here she is, showing off some of her ballerina moves while wearing a favorite gift, PINK ballet slippers.

Here she shows off another favorite gift, a tea-pot shaped castle for her princesses to play in.  Wow, is she a little girl or WHAT? :)

It has been a wonderful adventure these past three years, being Maggie's mommy.  I can only imagine what the future holds.  I am fully expecting that the terrible twos came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday. :)  But regardless, she fills our days with smiles and joys.  Happy birthday, sweetie!