Phoenix Bound: Day 4

Denver, CO to Santa Fe, NM

-Said goodbye to the Zillingers as the kids headed off to the 1st day of school. Ah, memories.
-Very nice mountains all the way down.
-We stopped at a picturesque rest stop (below), after passing by one that literally had just a garbage can. No bathroom, benches, shade, nothing. Why bother?
-New Mexico signs read "Gusty Winds May Exist", which is about the most non-committal statement I could imagine.
-Had lunch in Las Vegas, NM, at a Mexican restaurant that advertised Happy Hour from 12pm-8pm. Well, it is "Vegas", after all...
-Arrived safely in the wonderful hospitality of Eric's cousin David Guck, and his awesome family: Eileen, and their two boys, Deklan and Austin. Maggie had lots of lovely toys to play with.
-Learned Santa Fe is actually a higher altitude (about 7500ft) than Tenwek hospital in Kenya, where we're headed.