North! Or Be Eaten

This may or may not allude to our future plans, but more on that later. What I'm actually referring to in this blog is Andrew Peterson's newest book. Some of you faithful blog followers may remember us reviewing his first book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, which is how we got into blog reviewing in the first place. Now, 18 months later, part 2 of the planned trilogy is out. And can I say, it is a worthy sequel indeed.

Normally, I try my hardest not to start reading a series of books before the entire series has been released. Otherwise I run into major difficulties in the patience department while waiting for the story to continue....think Harry Potter (which I picked up when book 4 was released), Eragon (started reading when Eldest was released), or, the biggest mistake of all, the epic Wheel of Time series (I say mistake because I started reading it 6 years ago, and it's still not done, and I have since forgotten the entire complicated plot). Well, as referenced from this list, I guess I usually start reading a series before all the books are out. Anyway, this is also the case with the Andrew Peterson books. I only used this entire long introduction to say that book 2 was worth the wait, and I will now have to suffer another 1-2 years to wait for the conclusion of the engaging Wingfeather Saga.

Andrew is one of those rare individuals that is gifted in all areas of art: he sings and composes, he draws (many drawings featured in this new book), and he writes a mean fantasy story. It's hard to invent a new world that doesn't draw too heavily on Tolkien or Lewis, but he seems to have done it, mixing fantasy with a little bit of ridiculousness. Definitely a book that needs to be read in series after the first, Peterson picks up the story right where he left off. He tantalizes the reader with mysteries about his characters and world that he reveals just a little bit at a time, enough to keep the reader engaged and hoping for more, more to be revealed even in the last book (but lets hints slip out along the way)

Overall, a great read. Check it out here.