Music and Videos

Some places we enjoy listening to music on the web:

1. A full album of Over the Rhine to enjoy.
2. Various songs from the Square Peg Alliance.
3. Pandora
4. Andrew Peterson and friends have a Song of the "Day" (actually a little less frequent) at The Rabbit Room.
5. Noise Trade, founded by Derek Webb, has whole albums available for download, and you can pay what you want, if you want, or make a charitable donation if you'd prefer. Also, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sandra McCracken, Waterdeep, and others.

Some favorite web videos:

Sufjan Stevens' "Chicago" acapella:

Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo's "Diamonds", Zimbabwe 1987:

Seemingly, this was all improv by Chris Thile and Brian Sutton:

The Most Amazing Safari Video:

Flight of the Conchordes: We just watch this over and over: