Back to Michigania!

As you faithful readers have no doubt noticed, my mommy and daddy have been rather deliquent in their blogging as of late, and so I've decided to take up the task of web documentation. Again. Sheesh. With my increasing girth, you'd think that pulling my own weight would be a big enough job, but if you want something done, you should do it yourself, I guess.

We are currently in Denver, but we're not ready to talk about that yet. 2 weeks ago, we left Tennessee, and I made my way back to my birth state of Michigan. It was like seeing it with new eyes. Interesting culture. My daddy tells me that to understand Michiganders, you have to know 2 things: Hot dogs and Apples. See, everywhere else (in my vast experience), these are fairly generic items. But not in Michigan. A hot dog? What kind? Gourmet? Kosher? And apples... You may think there are about 5 varieties of apples, but don't get a Michigander started. They're probably grafting a new variety in their backyard right now.

We had a few quiet days in Ann Arbor and saw some good friends, then off to Holland on Lake Michigan to see the Dykstras. We got to take a walk along the lake, and enjoy the mixture of fresh water lakes and the scent of the Heinz pickle factory.

Then down to St. Joseph, Michigan, for my (first) cousin (once removed) 's wedding. Mommy tells me that Alex and Tabitha have been engaged for an awful long time, so it was great to see them tie the knot. And I got to meet so many new family members! I met Linda, John, Micheal, Becca, Stephanie, Tom, Bill, Nancy, Tyler, Britta, and Daniel! I also got to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles (and chunkles) again.

But best of all, I got to meet my Great Grammy and Great Papa! I've been waiting to meet them for so long, and finally the moment came. Daddy and Grammy didn't want to, but I forced them all to take a 4 generation picture with me. I looked bored, but trust me, I wasn't.

Did I mention they were a happy couple? Alex and Tabitha Blanski.


Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous and delightful couple.