Our Lists

Yes, we love making lists. Here's a running tally:

Our personal Seven Wonders of the World (our goal: visit them all someday):
1. The Grand Canyon - Arizona, USA (the only one we've both been too)
2. The Great Pyramids - Egypt
3. The Great Barrier Reef - Australia
4. The Great Wall of China - the last of the "great" ones
5. Migration of the Serengeti - Tanzania and Kenya
6. Machu Picchu - Peru
7. One of the following 3 waterfalls:
--A. Victoria Falls - Zambia and Zimbabwe (which Eric has seen)
--B. Angel Falls - Venezuela
--C. Iguazu Falls - Brazil and Argentina

Not really a list, but there is a separate travel goal of visiting all 7 continents (Eric's dad Tim is in on this one):
1. North America: enough said
2. Europe: Rachel and Eric conquered this in college, Tim conquered it before they were born.
3. Asia: Tim in the Navy, Rachel in Cambodia and Thailand. Eric and Rachel in Bangladesh and Turkey.
4. Africa: Eric in Zambia, Rachel in Swaziland, and hopefully Tim will get there this next year or two.
5. South America: Tim has been to Peru, Rachel and Eric plan to visit this coming fall.
6. Australia: Tim and Rachel have toured New Zealand, so the master plan will be for all three of us to meet there and strike out for...
7. Antarctica: where Tim has graciously allowed Rachel the privelege of getting off the boat from New Zealand first.

States left to visit:
1. Rachel: Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana
2. Eric: Hawaii, Oregon, South Carolina

2008 New Years Resolution #1:
- Ethnic Bread of the Month
1. January: Naan
2. February: Pita
3. March: Flour Tortilla
4. April: Nigerian Black-eyed pea fritters failed, and then Irish Soda Bread
5. May: Turkish Black olive and olive oil bread
6. June: New Yorker's No-Knead bread
7. July: Focaccia
8. August: French Bread Rolls
9. September: Hungarian Cinnamon Swirl Bread (Kalacs)
10. October: Choreg (Armenian Easter Bread)
11. November: English Muffins
12. December: Cinnamon Raisin and Walnut

2008 New Years Resolution #2:
- Walk to a Local Restaurant of the Month
1. January: Pita Pita: Average middle eastern cuisine
2. February: La Fiesta Mexicana: Great atmosphere and seemingly quite authentic food, but I still missed the chips and salsa.
3. March: Dalat Vietnamese: very tasty, I hope they stay open a long time.
4. April: Garam Japanese/Korean: Mmm, inexpensive Bibimbap.
5. May: Ugly Mug Cafe: very yummy lattes
6. June: Aubrey's Tavern in Depot Town: famous pizza for a reason
7. July: Corner Brewery: Tally Whacker and Blonde beer.
8. August: Thai Thai: quite nice, though we always order the same things at Thai restaurants.
9. September: Cafe Luwak: voted best sandwiches in greater Detroit.
10. October: Haab's: old family restaurant with root beer on tap!
11. November: Taquiera la Loma: Tasty and very very empty
12. December: Tower Inn

1. Trader Joe's and other international grocery stores
2. The Intelligentsia community
3. Things in Walking Distance
4. Eunice gatherings
5. The Arb
6. Plethora of Restaurants
7. Washtenaw Dairy
8. The AATA Bus System
9. Birthday Deals
10. The Briarwood Dollar Theater