Duke Interlude

Having been chastened for belated blogging by my 3-month old, I resume...

After our weeklong Samaritan's Purse orientation in Boone, NC, we got to spend a great (albeit brief) day with our friends, Dan and Kelly Rocke, in Durham, where Dan is becoming a superhuman ENT Doctor-Lawyer-Professional Athlete, and Kelly is busy blogging about baby Calvin's antics. (see sidebar blog roll)

This was great, because in addition to seeing some really wonderful friends, and watching little babies interact, we got a personal tour of Duke, which neither of us had ever gotten to see. It's gorgeous. As in, it may be the prettiest college campus I've seen in the US. Dan tells me that all the matching stone buildings are finished, because they have run out of stone. Whoa. And the Duke gardens are easily one of the most impressive gardens I have had the chance to tour. Just so you know. If you're in the area. And Dan recommends the Q Shack for dinner.


Kelly Rocke said...

So sweet! I love the picture of Cal and Maggie! We had so much fun with you guys!