The State Race... Tied!

We spent last week visiting a bunch of family and friends in southern California, and in loving deference, Rachel allowed a slight detour to spend a night in Las Vegas, so that Eric could rack up his 47th state, and Maggie could claim her 15th state (though she got 16 the next day with California).

It was a nice brief trip. Coming from Phoenix meant that we traveled through an amazing 100 miles of nothing except Joshua Trees and hailstones, and then we crossed into Nevada by crossing over the Hoover Dam, seen above at night via a 15 second camera exposure.

We stayed at the Imperial Palace for about $30, and Maggie liked all of the lights, though she abhorred the environmental smoke (as did her parents). If you've ever been there, then there is no need for me to recount the spectacle that is the strip, but only three brief observations:

1. The Bellagio fountains are the best.
2. The whole strip is more interesting after the 3 Oceans movies.
3. I am still deeply troubled by the seeming transformation of Vegas into a family vacation destination.

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