Congrats, Small Groupies

Our small group, after demonstrating our prolific-ness by having 2 babies in six months, decided to demonstrate its commitment to the institution of marriage by now having 2 weddings in 8 days. We are the "New Life Stages" small group. Of course, sadly, we're now just charter members of the small group, but were very excited to be able to return to Ann Arbor for the wedding of Kyle and Sondra this past weekend. I think they're lying on a beach in St. Lucia right now. Congrats! And also at the wedding, we got to see Josh and Erin, who had been married one week previously. While we were unable to attend that wedding, it was fun to celebrate, albeit a little belatedly. And finally, no blog post is truly complete without a picture of Maggie, here demonstrating her wedding finery.


Anonymous said...

What a great dress, Maggie! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit...where did she get that one? Aunt Mariah

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful niece I have! :)