Google Books

I was reminded by our friend Teresa to look into this, the newest of the Google geniuses. So I start browsing Google books, and what do I find? Entire collections of full-length books, there for the reading. Even without a Kindle or some other portable reader device, the text is there, and I can stand to read some of the shorter stuff on the computer screen.
Sure, you won't find the recent stuff there for free and with the complete text. But the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Carroll, Augustine, GK Chesterton, Austen, Hardy... basically anyone who published more than 100 years ago. Right here. And so I started a little online Google library. What's in it?
-Bernard on the Love of God
-Augustine's City of God
-George MacDonald's Phantasies (which I haven't been able to find anywhere else)
-Early Christian Apostolic Writings
I'm going to guess that our blog readership is nerdy enough that someone out there actually finds this to be exciting, and not just me.


Teresa said...

Must warn you that the availability of the text fluctuates. One day I was able to read the whole chapter of a book minus two pages, the very next day that chapter was unavailable. Just be aware!