Maggie has a new book from Dave and Liane Brinkman, with some title like "Peek-a-Boo Babies". That book is gold. The point is that it is full of photos of babies, and Maggie is enthralled by it. In fact, we've been noting that she seems especially fond of all the babies she has met in her life so far. To some extent this seems natural, as perhaps all of us gravitate towards people in our similar life stage. The difference is that I don't think Maggie has a concept that she is a baby. It's like "Hey, look at that unusual little person. I've never seen anything like that."

-Above with Calvin Rocke, and below with Adam and Kelly Rogers' newborn peanut, Andrew.

This moment with Wilson Page at the Pacific Ocean was the closest thing to a conversation I've ever witnessed Maggie engage in. Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere.

Here with Skyla Wilson in Loma Linda.