Concerning Lions

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It remains unclear as to whether this band's name refers to "about lions" or "lions that are concerning", but nevertheless we're enjoying them.

This is, of course, my two brothers-in-law's band (Sami's Jonathan and Jena's Brian, a.k.a "The Chunkles"). How exactly my sisters' two husbands ended up in a band together is a story dating back at least twenty years. It's an interesting and slightly weird epic that is not our content today.

At any rate, they made a decision to go into the studio last month for a quality EP recording, and the firstfruits of that were posted on their myspace page, and it is most definitely worth a listen. Brian is singing, and since Jonathan plays sundry instruments, I don't remember what he's doing on this track. But we're excited for the EP release here in the next few weeks.


brianbeise said...

thanks for the plug, Doctors. Best band bio i've seen so far!