Finally, when I got to Tennessee (my first trip!), I got to meet the last of my (Daddy's immediate) family. I saw Uncle Jonathan (you know, the one married to Aunt Mariah) just briefly before he went on vacation, but I was pretty sleepy. I'm looking forward to seeing them more in a few days.

Then, later than night, Aunt Jena and Chunkle Brian came over and we had a great time. Chunkle Brian and Chunkle Jonathan (you know, the one married to Aunt Sami) played guitar and sang with my Daddy and it was great! Hopefully, their awesome band, Concerning Lions, will play a concert while I'm in town.

What? You think "Chunkle" is a weird name? Well, it's not quite as random as it seems, since I guess these two Chunkles of mine grew up together, and called each other "Chother" (like "ea-ch other"). So they became my chunkles, and it makes for a good way to distinguish Uncle Jonathan from Chunkle Jonathan.

Yeah, they are weird, but I love them anyway, since one only has so many chunkles in this life.


Anonymous said...

ohh, I just don't know about this...

Anonymous said...

that comment was from me...Sami