Ode to Our Map

Almost anyone who has even entered our home since we were married is aware of our map. This foam-backed world map has been the travel log for all visitors to our home. People have pinned all the places that they have visited and lived, and it has been the source of many interesting conversations. However, we are soon leaving these shores, and though we plan to repeat the map in Kenya (which we're super excited about), the time has come for dismantling the current map. We would like to recognize a few superlatives, though:

Lived the northernmost: Craig Ross in Reykjavik, Iceland
Lived the southernmost: Corey Mantel (I think) in Sydney
Visited the northernmost: Adam Possner in Barrow, Alaska
Visited the southernmost: Aaron Abarbanell at the South Pole

Notable Super Pinners (not an exhaustive list, and in no particular order): Jess Watters, Adam Rogers, Adam Possner, Caleb Fader, Eric Selle, Tim McLaughlin, John Cropsey, and Craig and Holly Ross.

Thanks for all who shared in the geeky excitement of our map.