Civic, I salute you.

This year has been the end of an era in so many ways. One way I didn't even think of until yesterday was the sale of my car. I bought my Honda Civic as a first year med student in Loma Linda. My previous vehicle had been a piece of junk Mercury Topaz that I left in Minneapolis, so at the time of the Civic's purchase, I was relying on a bike for transportation. I actually biked in to the car dealership (they must have known I would be good for a sale). What I wanted was a nice, dependable auto that I could drive through residency and not break down at all. And bless you, Honda Civic, that's what I got.

It drove around southern California with me for a few years, and then faithfully transported me to Michigan, and back, and back to Michigan again. The A/C broke, and I think I bought 9-10 tires for that car (in 7 years, a bit much) but that really didn't reflect poorly on the car itself. And when I sold it, half the back bumper was missing, and the front was scraped and dented, but again, not the car's fault (I take full responsibility). 75,000 miles later, the only time it ever died on me was when I discovered that the low fuel light no longer worked. A quick fix to get it running again (gas, a novel concept).

So it seems a bit sudden that my car in all its dependable glory, is no longer in my ownership. I listed it on craigslist yesterday, and literally within 15 minutes of my posting someone called and was interested. He bought it less than 3 hours later. Civic, I barely had time to say goodbye. You were a good friend. Thanks for the memories. (and PS, Thank you God, for letting it sell so quickly. Now how 'bout the house?)