Celebrating the "Mousey"

I'm not sure how many of my (Eric's) cousins have a "mousey", but I know it's most of them. Made with love by my Grammy (Maggie's Great Grammy), this elephantine/mouse hybrid stuffed creature has been an object of affection for all of us. Thus, an amazing gift when, a couple days ago, we got a small package from Minnesota, containing Maggie's very own Mousey, complete with her name embroided in the classic ear location.

Thanks so much, Grammy, for such a wonderful treasure!


Miriam said...

Precious. Stella loves elephants and would be completely jealous. What a lovely treasure.

Anonymous said...

this is one if the cutest yet!!!

love, Sami

Anonymous said...

It is a great treasue we all got. Mine was pink too, how fun! I love the pink theme of Maggie with Mousey....Mariah

Anonymous said...

Maggie is getting so big! She is beautiful. How sweet of Grammy!
Love you guys.

Abbsters said...

She is so precious!

Haller4307 said...

i was going to say precious, but everyone seems to have said that word already.

we are coming to knox on june 28 for jesse's baptism. will you still be in town then so we can meet maggie?