Missing A2 #2: The Intelligentsia

Everyone knows that the predominant feature of Ann Arbor is, in fact, not the dollar theater, or the free birthday deals, but rather the University of Michigan. Living in Ann Arbor without the aura of living in a college town is impossible. This feature has lots of advantages, including the public transport system, free school of music performances, and a town spirit around football season that really is a lot of fun.

However, the biggest advantage of the University is the type of people drawn to the city. When one lives in a place, you hear all sorts of rumors, but I do know that, in 2003, Ann Arbor was voted the 6th least stressful city in the US, partly because of the large percentage of people working at jobs that they actually enjoy. I think I remember that the percentage of residents with doctoral degrees was over 25%.

"Nice to meet you. That's a wonderful opinion about the most recent politics in Palau, by the way."

"Really? You're studying ethnomusicology? That's awesome!"

"So you came here for more grad school after your Ph.D. from Duke? What's that like?"

"Oh... well, I was just making a nerdy joke about a mitochondrion... What? You thought it was hilarious, and have one to tell me about a ribosomal subunit? I'd love to hear it."


ellen said...

Oh, you don't know how true this really is until you've left Ann Arbor! We so miss the Ann Arbor community. Sorry to say, but after having lived in a place like Ann Arbor for years, we sometimes find ourselves thinking Minnesotans are boring. (gasp!)

Haller4307 said...

i was gonna comment, but ellen said it all