Maggie Mania

Back by popular demand: less about us, and more Maggie, all the time! Starting out with a trick she will grow out of soon, and never be able to recover.

Lucky me, I'm getting to hang out with my Grammy.

And I've already gotten to hang out with my Grandma Jean!

And even Aunt Mariah came, but I was distracted by something on the ceiling... Other than that, life is just going on. By the way, did I mention that I'm up over 10 pounds. I didn't mention it? Well, it's true. I'm huge. Oh, and I did go out on a date. It was casual, but Calvin Rocke is pretty cute. Maybe we'll see him again before he moves to North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Dating already...how lady you sure move quick! I love your flexibility too! I must say my heart smiled seeing the mousey...I had a pink one and hope my kids will get the pleasure of having one too! Enjoy Maggie!
Auntie Mariah