Fall Apples

A couple photos from our annual apple-picking foray. Will this be our last time to pick apples for quite a while? Probably. And it good time it was. We continue to discover new varieties every year. We're not going for all of the Big Five of Michigan fruit picking this year. (see last year) However, we did get strawberries, blueberries, and apples. Thanks to the Rockes for joining us.

It must be said that apple picking is really secondary to the real activity, which is the post-picking consumption of fresh cider and apple cinnamon donuts. So good. I think the expression on Rachel's face really says it all.


Peter & Sarah said...


I mean, we're really happy for you guys, and glad you enjoyed the donuts.

Anonymous said...

rachel, what kind of necklace is that on your neck that i see??? mom