Missing A2 #7: Washtenaw Dairy

Though the culinary blessings of our fair town are many, this one bears a special mention. I mean, just look at how tranquil that cow appears. In just such a tranquility are we, after partaking of the final perfection of that's cow's milk.

Ann Arbor has a number of fine ice cream institutions, and a few of them local. What sets apart this place?

1. It's in the middle of a neighborhood, and by ice-creaming there, you get much more of a sense of partaking in the community.
2. It's about 1/2 as expensive as Ben & Jerry's, Stucchi's, Kilwin's, ColdStone, etc.
3. The portion sizes are... expansive. While Eric has continues to indulge his low BMI in a traditional "single" serving (at least a double anywhere else), Rachel has admitted that only a glutton like her husband can really justify that, and has recently been opting for the junior size. We did actually witness a friend order the double once (he thought that's what everyone else was getting, though they were only getting singles). It was ridiculous, and a bowl had to be obtained, since one can balance that on a cone, if skillful enough, but you'll never get it into your mouth.

The local debate as to the premium ice cream venue in Ann Arbor will likely rage on foolishly into posterity, but our choice has been made.


AbbyJP said...

Well this Ann Arborite is totally backing you up!!

Anonymous said...

Eric, just wondered onto your blog "googling" Washtenaw Dairy. You are so right, but far the best ice cream place in A2. One time (on a dare) I tried a triple scoop -- almost passed out but finished it.

Try the donuts during winter, they're delish...