1000 Days

When we were first married, we celebrated anniversaries often. I imagine this is a normal phenomenon. Since we were married on a Saturday, every Saturday was our week X anniversary. Always a reason to celebrate. Since we were married on December 31st, the end of every month was also an anniversary. Every month of the year commemorates some occasion or another.

We don't blog about these, because we'd like to keep at least a few people visiting. However, as of yesterday, we have crossed the 1000 day mark, and we feel that this is worth publicly noting. We initially had big plans (i.e. walking to our restaurant of the month) to celebrate, but these had to take a back seat for some other obligations. However, we have only postponed, and on the 1st of October, we will not only celebrate 1000 days of marriage, but also the final nail in the coffin of Rachel's night float experience in residency. We also calculated last night that we have spent an average of 3 minutes per day watching The Lord of The Rings. Good things are happening, and we are thankful.