Missing A2 #8: AATA

AATA, a.k.a. The Ride, a.k.a. the local bus system, continues to be a boon, even though gas is amazingly dipping below $3 this past week. Last night, fellow McCropder Jason Fader, recently returned from Liberia, called and asked about staying with our family in Nashville while he takes his surgery boards. "Sure, but they live about 20 minutes outside of downtown." "Hmm... is there a bus line close by I could take into the city?" "Uh....no. Definitely no."

Having such an extension option for mass transit in a city of 100,000 people is a rarity, and a very distinguishing feature of our fair town. Within walking distance of our house, we can reach 3 buslines easily, which will take us to almost anywhere in Ann Arbor.

It is also worth mentioning that this bus-riding has affording very interesting sociological observations, which have been chronicled previously (e.g. here). I'm sure that we will end up riding some buses in the future in Africa, and we will likely look back at the current spaciousness, convenience, and lack of heavily scented livestock with fond memories.


~sarah said...

if you're in nairobi, watch out for those crazy matatus (20-passenger, i mean, 12 passenger vans)! do NOT get on the tu pac themed one, even though there is a picture of jesus next to him. i'm just saying... : )