Grateful to the Pinch Hitters

In the wake of announcing the first McLaughlin and Selle grandchild (and great-grandchild), we must do homage to the Workman Family, good friends of Eric's parents that have 2 adorable boys, on which my parents have been able to pour all of their pent-up grandparental love for the last several years. I'm sure this has made the up-til-now absence of another McLaughlin generation easier on parents and children alike. Thank you, Workmans. =)


Workman family said...

You are most welcome, as we have truly been blessed by your wonderful family! And happy to be guinea pigs. :) Thanks to the McLaughlin kids for sharing Tante and Uncle Tim with us.

Anonymous said...

It truly has been fun to be with these boys. Last night Caleb spent the night with us. He had a bad dream..... a giant MEATLOAF was chasing him. Needless to say he couldn't sleep and needed some comfort. Hmmm, he must not like his Mom's meatloaf too much. Oh, the imaginations of our future generations. Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

oh almost forgot...have you heard that calleigh and kevin are expecting a baby in june???