Foolish as we were, we have no pictures of this event, but we wanted to mention that our good friend, Irene Ng, who shared 5 years of our Ann Arbor time while she was studying Social Work and Economics, but since has moved back to her home in Singapore. She was back for a few weeks doing some research, and we were among the super priveleged who got to spend time with her. We had lunch with her and Eunice on Sunday, and then she came over on Tuesday to eat some fresh veggies and learn a new German Board Game. One of my favorite things about the circle of friends in which I met Irene was that every person had such a unique perspective from their own field of study. As Irene indulged us with a layman's description of the research she's doing on youth crime patterns in Michigan, I remembered just how much I miss it. And she was the one to tell me that I peel bananas "right-side up", in other words the same way as Asians (and monkeys, for that matter) and opposite from other Westerners.