Phrases That Now Make Sense - Part II

A few months ago, we talked about how Eric's adventures in dentistry brought the truth of the phrase "like pulling teeth" into reality. Eric was amazed the other day at how dill has overtaken our community garden. We had thought about planting some, which would have been purposeless, since we have actually just been pulling it up all year long thus far.

Eric: "Wow, this stuff is amazing. It grows like crazy."

Rachel: "Yeah. Well, it is called 'dill weed.'"

Eric: "Oh. Right."

So if you want some dill, let us know. Seriously, the stuff in the picture above got pitched in the compost. What does one do with such a quantity of dill? Even outside the garden boundaries proper, in the public park, it's erupting with all the enthusiasm due it's name.


Justin Rimbo said...

We'll take some!

I wonder if sending large quantities of strange green herbs in the mail would attract attention . . .

Seriously, we'll take some.

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