June: Ethnic Bread Comes Home

It is often assumed that the term "ethnic" excludes those things of one's own culture. We would like to go on record by saying that we disagree, and in fact, the good ole' USA has a rich ethnicity of its own.

In order to commemorate this, Ethnic Bread of June (which actually was started July 1, which goes to say how overly busy June was) is the New Yorker's No-Knead Bread. Lisa Stracks, baking meisteress, passed this recipe on a while ago, and man, is it tasty...

The unique thing is that no kneading is required. This was obviously also the case for the tortillas, but note the presence of a substantial fluffyness above. How does one achieve just fluff without kneading? The answer is apparently that you let time accomplish what kneading would have otherwise. This bread rose for almost 24 hrs prior to baking. So if you're lazy and won't be around for a while, the bread for you has arrived. Thanks, Lisa! The recipe and the story behind it are found here.


holly said...

hello cousin eric & rachel! It's been a long time since I've seen you- hope all is going well. I caught up with your parents & sister at the reunion & they showed me this website. I've been keeping up with y'all by reading it.
Jason & I are doing great! Just enjoying the summer- recently got back from a fishing vacation in Canada. We also have a nice size garden and love the bountiful vegetables it's producing ( my favorite is the mixed variety lettuce.)
Thanks for posting the pics- it's nice to see everyone. I printed off the bread recipe and can't wait to give it a try! Well, this is probably long enough. Hope to see you both sometime (my family is planning the 2010 reunion in iowa- close enough, right?) holly cochran

teresa said...

Thus the term "subculture". I think it can be substituted for "local ethnicities" quite perfectly. On to Subculture Bread of the Month.