Introducing Brian and Jena Beise

Last weekend was the final McLaughlin wedding. And after 4 weddings in 36 months, I'm sure there will be a couple sighs of relief, but this in no way detracted from the celebration from Jena and Brian's lovely day. Also fittingly, the ceremony and reception were held at Camp Widjiwagan in Nashville, where all 4 McLaughlin kids have put in a total of 11 summers. It's been fun to see the nuances of each ceremony capture the differences in each family member. It was a whirlwind trip in and out of town for us, but we were blessed to be there and to see (however briefly) so many of our family members.


teresa said...

Oh this is great. I hadn't seen this post yet! She looks just beautiful! Well, now that the weddings are over for the family... kids? Mmwaa ha ha!

Shyla said...

Hey Eric! I happened to stumble upon your blog as I was linking through my friend's blog to another friend's, etc :o)

Congratulations to Jenna and Brian. I knew if their wedding, as my sister, Kristen, went, but it was fun to see some pictures.

Hope you guys are doing well!