Focaccia Love

Ethnic bread of the month for July travels back across the pond. When we first started this yearlong resolution, we had certain breads in mind, most of which we have accomplished by now, and so we had to go fishing on allrecipes.com for some other recipes.

We ran across this focaccia recipe, which turned out quite well. Probably the best part about it (aside from its yummyness) is that, being a pseudo-flatbread, it only rises for 25-30 minutes and is thus considerably quicker for an overall flour-to-mouth time.

We found a number of other fun recipes, and for those wondering how the selection takes places, the following facts are positive predictors:

1. Having the name of a country in the bread title, especially if outside Europe (e.g. Armenia)
2. Having an association with an ancient cultural tradition associated with it (e.g. Armenian Easter Bread)
3. Containing an ingredient that we need to go and get, because we've never heard of it, extra points if you have to go to an international market to procure said ingredient. (e.g. Mahleb in Choereg, the Armenian Easter Bread)

Tune in next month, when we might just make Armenian Easter Bread.