Lettuce? Yes, Let Us.

The first of the major harvests from the garden has begun. We didn't plant lettuce last year, thinking we didn't have the room, but we envied the super-gardeners next to us who did. This year, with a plot twice as big, lettuce (mixed varieties) and spinach were high on the docket. The amazing part is how fast they grow. We probably could have done a full harvest within 5 weeks of planting, but what would we do with all that lettuce?

So we've been eating a lot of salad. Dinner tonight? How about a salad? Breakfast? Maybe a salad. Do we take milk in our tea? Not anymore, just salad. July has arrived, and we're revelling in our evenings being free, so invite us over, or we'd love to have you over. We'll provide the salad.


Anonymous said...

what a show off...smiles and tears