Psychology of Free, Part II: REI Grand Opening

A momentous occassion has come to Ann Arbor, and with it a curious event in our psyches. REI, outfitters extraordinaire, has opened a new store. A lively college town like ours has had this coming for quite some time.

The deal: For the first three days it was open, if you were one of the first 200 people through the door, an REI water bottle and a gift card (valued $5-100) was yours for the taking. Certain friends of ours, who will remain nameless but linkable (and who are expecting a baby girl in August) had a similar situation in another city, and collected 6 water bottles altogether.

We're not that hardcore. But we wish we were. Rachel came two mornings, the first when she had been up all night at work. Eric came the second morning, when he had been up all night at work. We stood in line, enjoyed yummy free breakfast, met up with our friends Kyle and Carlan, and enjoyed the fresh air the way that REI patrons are meant to. Later, our friends Josh and Lisa also came by (all these friends having been present to celebrate Pi Day, and thus very "cool" people). In the end, we were 3 water bottles and 3 gift cards (valued in total $35) for the good, and have a pretty good story to go with it. Was this a waste of our time? Of course not. Didn't you just read all the stuff we got for free?


Anonymous said...

Free is always good! ~Mariah

Anonymous said...

rei, now you are up there with lots of other kind of outdoorsy areas. what will u get for $35?? how about a warm jacket for eric??

Teresa said...

Fantastic. If we had known Clayton and I might have driven up there to add to our water bottle collection.

Haller4307 said...

i just realized that this looks like you guys are waiting outside for the opening of david's bridal :)