Website Notalgia

Clayton and Teresa told me a while back that they wanted to put this link on a post on their blog, and I thought it was a great idea, but they had priority since I didn't think of it. That was 5 months ago, and even if you're pregnant, that's long enough to lose priority. Some I'm just putting up a wee link to the very first website we were a part of, in 2001, when "Stupid Eric" and 5 other undergrads drove 5000 miles in 12 days to hike the Grand Canyon for a total expense of $200 each.

My thoughts as I look back at this website:
1. This was the penultimate undergrad experience.
2. Wow, this site has a lot of pop-ups.
3. Apparently, things on the web never die or go away.
4. I still love the journal entries and their rampant lies.
5. I can't believe James came on that trip, and I'm glad he didn't die.
6. I'm glad we didn't get stuck in Juarez, and that James wasn't arrested by border patrol for taking pictures of the narcotics dogs.


Nato said...

it makes me happy to see that old site. i can't believe james and i coded it by hand. well, actually from the looks of it, i can. finished I-40 yet?

Nato said...

ya, it was totally clayton, not james. what was i talking about?