Gas Prices

It was humorous in a sad way, as I was bussing into work tonight, that I noted that all of the Ypsilanti gas stations were at 3.999 per gallon. Normally, there's a good spread in the pricing, with the cheapest being this really ghetto BP near our house that does great car repair.

But now they're all the same. Teetering at less than $4 by only a 1/10 of a cent. Truth be told, gas for 4.009 is not really much more expensive, but we've been going up and up, and it's like all the gas stations stopped at the edge of this cliff, peering over, then looking back doubtfully at each other saying, "No, you go first." One station didn't even put any numbers up, which I'm assuming means they've breached the $4 barrier but would rather just not advertise at all.

I thought this would maybe be a good thing, even if irrational, for putting a pseudo-cap on petrol pricing. Then, the bus passed into Ann Arbor, and they apparently have no problem going over 4. Man, I'm thankful for this bus.