Tonna and Hoby Save The Day (and the garden)

Yesterday, when I showed up to work for my next night shift, I was feeling quite... bedraggled. Yes, definitely bedraggled. The night before had been a really tough one, and in addition to being thus tired and dispirited, I learned on the bus on the way there, that it was supposed to frost tonight, and our lovely little germinating garden was quite unprotected. (frost after Memorial Day ?!) But, what were we to do? We were both at work, and there was no way to get back to the house to water the garden and throw some old sheets over them to protect them from the frost.
On my way in, (the bus being a little early) I stopped by to visit Hoby Lee, fellow family medicine resident, recently returned from Uganda where he operated like a fiend, to say Hi and welcome him back. He inquired after my apparent bedraggledness, and I told him of the garden. "Oh," he said, "Tonna can help you out. She's pretty close by right now." He quickly called Tonna, and with profuse (I hope) gratitude, I gave her like 20 minutes of instructions about how she could get into our house, find sheets, go to the garden, find the water key, spray the plants, and place and tether the appropriate sheets. "No problem" she said. So modest.
In the a.m., Rachel visited the garden, and found that the frost had been forced to flee from our plants in the face of such generous friendship as we have experienced. In return, a full tithe (10%) of the plants saved will go to Hoby and Tonna. In all seriousness, I was quite impressed at how such an act of friendship was just the right kind of heart healing I needed to keep going in a tough time, and we do hope we can be the same.


Anonymous said...

thank you to the friends that saved your garden. those plants will love you all the more now. hard to believe frost after a warm weekend. and yes the hummus was fantastic!!!