Geocachobiking 101

For awhile now, you may have noticed the reference on our links at the sidebar to "geocaching". You may have wondered what this secret world is. You may know exactly what this is, because you know all about us already, and thus about this avocation of ours. Or you may know about it already because you are very cool.

The time has come to level the playing field. Basically, all over the world, people have hidden little items (as big as a shoebox or even smaller than a film canister), then posted the GPS coordinates at a centralized website. Thus, the world's largest scavenger hunt has been created. Right now, there are likely dozens of geocaches within 5 miles of you. Maybe there is even one in your neighborhood. Maybe you are sitting on one right now. Don't look. The shock might be too much.

Anyways, we have the honor of having placed the only geocache in the country of Bangladesh, which, against all odds, (considering that apparently Bangladesh is the only country without geocachers) has actually been found by another visitor to the hospital. At home, we enjoy making little afternoon or evening trips to some nearby caches as a means to get some exercise, get some fresh air, and discover all sorts of fun nooks and crannies in our town that we would have never found otherwise.

Last night, I (Eric) went out with friends Kyle and Carlan, for a bike journey into a nearby town, where we picked up a number of fun caches, including one under a bridge in the form of a troll doll (one of those scary things from the early '90s) which, upon removal of its head, a log book was found where you can sign your name. We discovered lots of new places in the nearby picturesque and poorly named town of Saline, and all in all had a great time, even when Carlan and I took a wrong turn and had to wait for Kyle to come and rescue us.