Celebrating Pi Day

We went to a school for a long time. In middle school, you call those people “nerds”. As time goes along, such designations are less utilized, and you can even start to believe that maybe you weren’t, after all, a nerd. But then, sometimes, events transpire which demonstrate that the label still fits, it’s just that you’ve become more okay with it over the years.

Such was 3-14-2008, a.k.a. “Pi Day”. Some friends of ours saw this coming and asked us how we were planning on celebrating. Part of us was proud that we didn’t even know this day existed (the part that had issues in middle school), but the rest of us got excited, and the result was us hosting a party of Pizza Pi and Dessert Pi, where (I’m not kidding) such phrases as “No, that’s a little too big, can you make the slice about π/4 radians?” were actually uttered. Have the sounds waves of this world ever formed such a pattern? Of course, we don’t know, but those are the questions nerds like us enjoy challenging.
Our assertion that we’ve come to terms with our geekiness may be challenged by the anonymity of the accompanying picture that Pi Day produced. But we’re seriously okay with it. Really.


ellen said...

Ahhh, I recognize the guilty parties... you guys are great.

Kyle Rosander said...

And there will be Pi Day 2009!