Maggie Does Northern Arizona

Yeah, I know I'm a bit belated. It's a little bit embarassing after giving my parents a hard time about belated blogging. But we've been busy. We've been up to Michigan, back to Phoenix, and then out to New Mexico. But that's no excuse for skipping a good post. About 3 weeks ago, my grandma, my parents and I all had a Saturday off! (My schedule is very tough to clear.) So we decided to take a day trip. After reviewing the options from Phoenix, we decided to head north to the Flagstaff area. There are several reasons for this, the most notable being that it is about 30 degrees cooler 2 hours north, because you ascend a full 5000 feet in altitude. That's a vertical mile! Did you know that? I did.

Our first stop was to Walnut Canyon, site of a bunch of 12th century native american cliff dwellings. It was great, and as you can see above, I had a great time in my sling. Well... most of the time. It got rather hot later, after this picture was taken, and well.... it's just hard to stay in a good mood when you're hot and sweaty, right?

I know my parents just posted about the weird cow sign (which I don't really get), but we would be amiss not to mention another bizarre sign. I mean, "No Pets", with a "No coyote" symbol? Does this mean "No Pet Coyotes"? "There are no more pets, because the coyotes ate them all, and then died for lack of pets to eat"? Nonsensical, if you ask me.

And lastly, we drove back to Phoenix via Sedona, and got to see some awesome Red Rock, despite all of the touristy stuff, and I loved the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Man, what fun! We should travel more often. Oh wait, my life has been incessant travel since I was born. Right...


teresa said...

This reminds me of our college GC trip where we did Walnut Canyon as a warm up to the big canyon. Fun.