Route 66: Our New Home

We have officially arrived in Gallup, New Mexico, our home for the next two months. We'll give more details later, but it was a good drive up from Phoenix, and we're staying in a hotel right on Route 66, so I guess there are some kicks for us to get here. Although, the Route has a serious "ghost road" feel to it.

We're living in a hotel for a week, and so every meal must be either Crock Pot or microwave. Surely there will be adventures there as well. And tomorrow, suddenly, the high is 57 degrees with a low of 18. A bit of a shift from the 104 in Phoenix yesterday.

One short anecdote: We decided on a whim to take a road through the mountains northeast out of Phoenix, through a town called Payson. It was really beautiful, with some awesome scenery. The little town of Payson had this sign out front. Now, there's nothing funny about a cabaret, but if there was something funny, it would be a sign with a big cow on top of it. I googled it when we arrived in order to share it with you, and found it next to a comment that it's hilarious, and yet you're a bit afraid of meeting the individuals who think that a cow is the appropriate mascot for a cabaret.