Pyramid Rock

Rachel and Maggie are currently in Tennessee, visiting family, and today is my only day off from the urgent care clinic during the 8 days that they're gone, which is just as well, since I'm sure I couldn't entertain myself very well all by myself.

But I was glad for a day off today, and I spent the morning hiking Pyramid Rock, which is in Red Rock State Park, just a few miles outside of Gallup. I didn't see that balloon, but it was otherwise a great hike. It took just a couple hours, and had about a 1000 ft climb (up to 7500 ft), with a great view of the red rock. And I only saw one other person on the trail, which is the way I wanted it.

2 random musings from the workings of my tired legs:

-The centrality of the psalmist's claim that he knows only two things, that God is loving and that God is strong. These attributes are evident at the top of a beautiful mountain. But they are also central, for if this is true (and I absolutely believe that it is), then all else falls into place. Then, we can "be still and know" that God is God, that he will be exalted in the heavens and the earth. And we can rejoice about it. I wouldn't get excited about assurance that any old attribute would be exalted, but a God full of Loving Strength and Strong Love... this brings peace.

-Jesus told his disciples that his food was to do God's will. By this, I assume he means that he gets his nourishment, fulfillment, and ability to keep going from doing God's work. I do believe that God has called me to medicine. But often it can feel so draining. Not like food, at least. Why? Well, part of his will is to rest (see commandment 4), so maybe we need the "sabbaticals". But maybe I don't see or remember that this is God's work, that he rejoices to see the sick shown compassion and (often so clumsily) find their way to health and wholeness.


Anonymous said...

That is our son and we are proud of him.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing shot you got!
Love, Mariah