First Days in Gallup

Well, I've been about a week in the urgent care now, and I have the syndrome to prove it. Shockingly, after seeing about 10 flu patients a day, I myself have come down with the bug. A pretty bad bug, actually. One that makes me eat popsicles in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. I worked today in spite of it, but I feel pretty awful, and I'm debating whether or not I can work tomorrow. I drink a lot of green tea, even with a bit of Wild Turkey honey in it (which was randomly left in our apartment, and we didn't have regular honey). So I'm trying to work, because that's why we're here, but it's tough. So please pray for me.

And then Maggie had a slight temp today. She's a bit sleepier than normal, but still pretty playful. Man, I hope she doesn't get anything like what I have. So please please pray for Maggie.

And Rachel is like some kind of Superhero. It's enough to be stuck in a small distant town with an infant, but now she's got two whining babies to care for (OK, Maggie's not that whiny). She's rising to the task like a champ, since I can't be around Maggie, and find myself only minimally able to care for myself. So pray with thanksgiving for Rachel.