Free Awesome Music From Tyler

As we have previously reported, my cousin Tyler put out a fantastic record "Out of the Darkness" a while back. In the true generosity of his artistic spirit, he is giving away the record on his website. I guess it's a bit ridiculous for me to inform you that this is a good deal, seeing as though I think the record is worth more than free. And that says a lot, coming from us.

Seriously, this is good songwriting overlaid with some excellent folk-rock production. We would have bought the record just because he's our cousin, but we keep listening to it, again and again, and both Rachel and I can sing along with most of the songs. My favorite line: "O ragged love! O patchwork love! I will wear you out. I will wear you through the streets and ride you through the clouds."

So I make my case. There is no good reason not to get this record.