Geocache #100

We will not rehash the glories of one of our most treasured recreational activities, geocaching. Suffice to say that the Edwards family are testament to the fact that this is the wave of the future - the wave of the - the wave of the future.

Since we got our GPS 2 years ago and joined the ranks of the coolest people in the world, we have discovered parks and scenic views all over the world that we wouldn't have known otherwise. Last week, we found 3 more, which put us up over the 100 mark for total caches found. We decided to combine this with our lesser-known New Year's resolution (the more publicized being "Ethnic Bread of the Month"), which is to walk to a local restaurant every month.

We discovered a cache out in front of the Corner Brewery, a venue we had been meaning to visit for a while now, and celebrated our #100 with a couple fine brews while we played 90's Trivial Pursuit. We would tell you where exactly by the Corner Brewery said cache is hidden, but that would be breaking the secret and sacred blood oath we had to talk in order to become cachers. Sorry.