In Town For a Baby

We took a visit to Chicago last weekend, and Jonathan and Debby Richards were gracious enough to let us stay in their barn-house, even though Debby was getting quite close to delivering their second child. As it turned out, we never saw them at their house, because Debby had been hospitalized a few days prior and Jonathan was staying with her. Before the second night was done, Jonathan called us and said they would probably stay another night, because they had a daughter born earlier that day. And he said it like that, too, just so nonchalantly. A few things had subtly changed that day, tipping the balance in favor of delivery instead of waiting, and thus Eliana Faith was born at 3# 6oz.

We had the privelege of coming by to see them in the morning, and watching this little beautiful peanut have her first bottle. Highest Congratulations, Richards Family!