We had the opportunity this past weekend to visit Eric's cousin Alex and his fiance Tabitha in the Windy City (we also briefly saw the Richards, see the next post). It's only about a four-hour trip and much penance was needed for the absence of visiting that took place whilst they were in Grand Rapids, so it was high time that this chance for good company was manifest.

All of us having been to Chicago multiple times before, there was no special need to do any of the standard things, so we first went to a bookstore and watched Tabitha try to explain to us the awesomeness of a book about a vampire who falls in love with a human. I don't think she really succeeded. We had Dim Sum and bubble tea in china town for lunch and Tabitha did not die of anaphylaxis from peanut oil. Then we walked down to millenium park, and tried to build really tall towers out of the blocks at the Kids Adventure Center, just to shame all of the pathetically small towers the preschoolers were building all around us. We were awesome. We also took some obligatory "Chicago Bean" pictures (also below). We finished up with a really long walk that included some very successful geocaching adventures, including one pictured below, found outside the Wrigley Building (below).
We were super tired at the end, but were really glad to see them, and to have them show us around their fair city a bit more. It's been quite a while since we've been to Chicago, and it hasn't been really cold.


Tabitha said...

I hope Eric wrote this because as soon as Rachel picks up a copy of "Twilight", she's going to understand the awesomeness at it's fullest and be ashamed of this post. I expect some sort of apology in the next few weeks.