In the three weeks surrounding Ben's birth, we've had quite the slew of visitors! (all unrelated to his arrival, but keeping us on our toes) It has been great to see so many familiar and friendly faces from home.

The first visitor was our friend Luke Tomycz, one of Eric's classmates from U of MI. He is a neurosurgery resident at Vanderbilt in Nashville, so we get to see him every time we visit Eric's family, and he came out to Kijabe for a 2 wk elective/vacation. We only got to see him for about 24 hrs, but it was a great visit none the less! He had to leave early on Sunday morning, so if it looks like we all just got up in the picture...we did. :)
Then, a surprise visit from Aaron and Ginnie Abarbanell! Ginnie was Rachel's mentor at Loma Linda through the Christian Medical/Dental Assoc for 2 years, and Aaron then ended up being a classmate of Eric's at U of MI. They were indirectly responsible for Eric and Rachel hooking up. :) Our paths have crossed many times over the past 10 years, and they happened to be in Eldoret (3-4 hrs away) for just a short time. They came the weekend after Ben was born, also for about 24 hrs.
Steve Telian, an elder and mentor from Knox, arrived at Tenwek the day Rachel went into labor! He was here for a week visiting the McCropders and working at the hospital (he's an ear specialist). While we were rather distracted that week, it was still wonderful to spend as much time with Steve as we could, showing him our world, bouncing ideas off of him, and getting wise advice.
Finally, just this week we welcomed Mick and Diana Antanitis from Belmont Church in Nashville, where Eric and his family have been members for many years. Mick is the missions pastor and was speaking at a few seminary graduations in the "area." They took a 2 day detour and stayed with us. We had some great conversations and both Mick and Diana enjoyed observing surgeries, deliveries, and rounds at the hospital.
So. Anyone else want to come visit? We have a guest room now... :)


Timothy said...

Oh Benny, Mimi wants to hold you soo bad. But very glad that others are getting to love on you and your sister.