Baby Shower

I wasn't expecting a baby shower this time around, since it was my second child, and living in rural Kenya means baby things are rather hard for people to get. But here at Tenwek, opportunities to celebrate life events are rarely missed, and Ben was the first missionary kid born here in probably 6 years or more. So my friends conspired to plan a surprise shower for me, and it was a surprise! There is usually a womens' Bible study on Thursday nights and Eric encouraged me to go (and bring Ben with me) when he was just 3 days old. I had no idea. So here I am, walking in the door with baby, headlamp, and study book in hand...completely shocked to see decorations and 20 women staring at me!Ben got lots of wonderful gifts, including lots of disposable diapers shaped into a cake.
This is about what he looked like the whole time, to the delight of everyone who passed him around the room!
Theresa, ever the quntessential hostess, laid out quite a spread with tasty banana punch, cupcakes, etc.
Check out the cute little duckies on the cupcakes! All handmade, wow.
Jess, Alyssa, Ben, and me (it was obviously a surprise to me or I would have put my contacts in to come to the party!)
Almost all the women on the compound came to help celebrate, more than twice as many as are in our Bible study.
Opening some of the cute gifts: this is an elephant backpack that is about the same size as Ben right now, but he'll grow into it I'm sure.
It has been wonderful to share in the birth and life of Ben with my community here at Tenwek. Thanks, everyone!


Timothy said...

Thanks to all the ladies who made little Ben and Rachel feel so special. Shar

Anonymous said...

That's so great, Rachel! How resourceful of them. (and impressive that you were so adventurous 3 days postpartum).

Love, sami