Liam Knox Durham

When we left the US in December 2009, we took the only McLaughlin grandchild with us. Shortly thereafter, Sierra was born, and then Sami and Rachel were on a race to the finish line, being due only one day apart.

Primarily because Kenyans are, by nature, good long-distance runners, Rachel finished the race first, and Benjamin was born on March 7th (Kenya time, which is the birthday we're choosing). But on March 12th, Liam Knox Durham was also born healthy to Sami and Jonathan. It was quite a long road for Sami, but it's over now, and we rejoice with them.

We look forward to the ever-growing McLaughlin family, and especially for Maggie having a girl cousin within a year of her, and Benjamin having a boy cousin within a week of him!

Highest congrats to Sami and Jonathan, on the beginning of their journey as (I'm sure they will be) wonderful parents. And special congrats to Dave and Becky Durham, on the arrival of their first grandchild.


Sandy said...

Family is such a blessing! God is good!