Benjamin's Passport Photos

1 week old is never too young to get working on your passport. With the help of a friend, I went down to the Bomet district office when Ben was 3 days old, and landed him a Kenyan birth certificate. Complete with correct spellings. Much thanks to Musyoka, because I certainly never could have navigated that place myself.

And so now that we have it, we are working on getting Ben a US passport and a Social Security Number, which is a process formally known as "Consular Report of a Birth Abroad", which first involves emailing a million forms to the Embassy (15 megabytes of attachments, you can only guess how long that took on our internet), then an appointment at the Embassy, which we're hoping will be early April, when we next go into Nairobi.

So it was time for Ben's passport photos. Maggie has been through this drill twice. Here's the first time and then the second time. They actually have a couple similar photos. In Ben's case, I think we might have a better photo, all the better since Maggie's newborn photo is still her passport photo, and will be for a while.


Anonymous said...

I like the second one.

Timothy said...

I vote for the first or second one. This is one happy Mimi, we were finally able to have some quality time with little Benny and fell in love with him some more.

Anonymous said...

first one :) love, sami